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with us. here's a look at what is coming up today -- italy. a trip to a prison island. russia -- the desperate life of many orphans. france -- how architects want to improve life in the suburbs. first, to turkey and its relationship with religious minorities. some are officially recognized in turkey. jews, a greek orthodox, and armenian christians. the turkish government has made concessions to christian minorities, such as returning property confiscated a long time ago. churches, for example. that has given armenians in turkey in fresh confidence boost, but their situation remains difficult. ankara still refuses to recognize the genocide of armenians under ottoman rule 100 years ago. officially, there are some 60,000 armenians in turkey, but the numbers could be rising. in some parts of turkey, descendants of armenians are now rediscovering their identity. >> home to a population of more than 1 million, the city is situated on the turkey -- turkish/i iraqi border. it is the unofficial capital of turkey. but it was not always. between the many minuets that make up the skyline
of the massive meteor that injured nearly 1,000 people in russia last week have exploded online. but it may surprise you to learn that they are not the work of an amateur videographer who happened to be in the right place at the right time. they are actually thanks to the russian dash cam phenomenon. now the how, what and why. >> reporter: they're the videos everyone is talking about. rare images of a meteor streaking over russia. after not once, not twice but many times, all on dashboard cameras, then uploaded on youtube. those videos aren't such a surprise here. those cameras are almost everywhere in russia. and the reason behind one of youtube's most viral phenomenons. russia's lawless roads. they're small video cameras mounted inside the windshield. they capture all sorts of madness. death defying crashes. road rage. the inexplicable. yes, those are cows spilling out of a truck. yes, that's a helicopter. that's a tank. that's a fighter jet. this camera caught a plane crash slamming into the side of the highway. but they're not just youtube gold. these cameras serve an important purpose.
. >> it was a logical consequence if you look at what has been happening in russia over the past several years. we have an authoritarian regime. the orthodox church has a lot of influence. it was clear there would be repercussions. >> they were treated like hardened criminals. they were charged with hooliganism, motivated by religious hatred. each was sentenced to two years in prison camp. they became icons for the anti- putin protest movement. katya change lawyers and was released on a suspended sentence. that is something she puts down to international pressure. >> what happened to us was not in vain. we attracted the attention of people all over the world, showing them how bad things are in russia regarding artistic freedom, the legal system, and human rights. katya has watched this internet video over and over. she says she is in touch with her friends in the camp and knows how much tougher things are for them. >> i read the metro. i do not hide. to date, i've never been attacked by radicals. most of the people that lead on that they recognize me show a positive reaction towards me. >> her former l
is the 26th festival -- take a trip to mother russia without leaving the area. enjoy tasty russia food and muddic and vodka it will be a lot of fun and that is the weekly buzz for more information about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an take pictures of the view of the city that you soon went forgot. our first look out and at buena vista park san francisco heavily forested hill with couples and doing walkers it's as old as the near neighbor golden gate park and both have a coast live oak forest and fresh in retreat from urban life and meanders under a canopy of oaks yup lipid u.s. and chill out in this pleasant and quiet environment and you might see butter nice, and dandelion and is squirrels hundred dollaring for their next meal and buena vista park is 88
administration to have the dispute solved in a peaceful manner. prime minister abe is planning to visit russia before the end of the year to meet with the president. when he does another dispute, another issue will be on the agenda. russia control tgs islands and japan claims them. >> translator: this is an important year to build a new relationship. i hope it paves the way for abe's visit. >> mori delivered a letter from abe. putin said he, too, hoped for better things ahead. >> translator: i'm looking forward to meeting with prime minister abe. i hope it will lead to improved relations. >> mori and putin discussed a statement issued in 2001 when mori was prime minister. the statement reaffirmed the validity of the 1956 japan soviet joint declaration. the declaration states that russia will return two of the disputed islands to japan after a peace treaty is signed. officials never signed the treaty. still, mori and putin agreed they can't ignore the statement. putin says it's abnormal that the countries have no peace treaty. mori says japanese and russian leaders need to resolve the territori
to mother russia without leaving the area. enjoy tasty russia food and muddic and vodka it will be a lot of fun and that is the weekly buzz for more information about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an >> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while. improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines. trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres, experimental noise, electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999, the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise, noise pancake came out of cubist art, place on mission street, brutallo, where the church -- opened up his house and saturday morning cartoons.
, fast food chains are heading to russia for expansion. mcdonald's announced this week it will open 150 more franchises throughout russia over the next few years. subway, burger king and yum! brands are among the other names that are setting up shop in the growing market. former executives of peanut corporation of america are indicted for the 2009 salmonella outbreak. four officials are charged with fraud, conspiracy and offering tainted peanut products to consumers. the outbreak shut down the company and forced it into bankruptcy. peanut corporation supplied peanuts to schools, nursing homes, and food processing companies. a new study shows something's fishy in the food industry. after testing dozens of samples of seafood in 21 states, non- profit group oceana discovered one third of fish purchased in restaurants, supermarkets and sushi counters was mislabled, including 87% of snapper samples and 59% of white tuna. mistakes or misrepresentations were commonly made on grouper, halibut, cod and chilean sea bass. it's not clear if mislabeling was done by suppliers, distributors or retaile
these. ♪ we learned that driving in russia is terrifying, thanks to dash cams that catch more than just meteors. here in the states, a dash cam caught some shocking moments of its own, luckily, no students were on the bus at the time. and while russia cleaned up its meteor mess, the skies in florida were still lighting up with space debris. and the last one for our own bill karins, we'd never make him fly a stunt plane but this weather man was not so lucky. >> oh my! >> and lights out. >> that's like jim carrey, the facial impression, forced by gs. >> my favorite of all the clips of the week was the otter. >> i know you liked that. >> it was cool for the fact that he enjoyed doing it. i'm going to try to train my dogs to do something cool. i can't get them to sit. >> we love animal video. if you do it we'll put it on. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments on those stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. and tonight, be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> and here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today"
and the fun doesn't top there because this weekend is the 26th festival -- take a trip to mother russia without leaving the area. enjoy tasty russia food and muddic and vodka it will be a lot of fun and that is the weekly buzz for more information about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an >> hi and welcome back to authors who make you think. i appreciate you wanting to think on a beautiful saturday afternoon. 8 years ago in the ban shell at golden gate park. jonathan, one of our readers was there. 20 readers and 8 afternoons and now there are venues around the city. i will read a few poems. the first one is, after the bleeding. it was inspired by 2 photos that were in the san francisco chronicle in june 2005. the first, i will read the captions. photo captions. and follow with the poem. children watch as police collect pieces of bodies from a
there. thank you. >>> and coming up here, startling new video of that huge meteor in russia. it's our "instant index." meteor in russia. it's our "instant index." watch next. co to the gulf.f bp made a and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's
we want to share with you. from the new york times -- speaking of russia, a story inside the washington post, getting a fair bit of attention -- japan as number 3, 83 years. the u.s., 51st, 78.5 years. russia is 164, with the average life expectancy of 66.5. as you can see, a lot of young russian women smoking, which is prevalent throughout the country. president putin saying, it is time to cut smoking. roger joins us from missouri, as we get back to your calls and comments on sequestration. one week to go. will it matter? caller: hello, sir. how are you? at 48 years of age, i was 100% disabled. for me and others like me, how was it going to affect that part? host: will you be impacted, do you think? caller: i'm curious. host: what is your biggest concern? caller: if they cut off my funding. host: what is your wife saying? caller: if the cut the pay check off. host: the biggest cuts will be to the military. most of the social programs will not be harmed. thank you for the call from missouri. from the twitter page -- another look at another set of numbers. hillary clinton,
, nothing shook up the internet more than these -- ♪ we learned that driving in russia is terrifying thanks to dash cams that catch more than just meteors. here in the states, a dash cam caught some shocking moments of its own. luckily, no students were on the bus at the time. and while russia cleaned up its meteor mess, the skies in florida were still lighting up with space debris. and finally, this last one is for our own bill karins. we'd never make him fly a stunt plane, but this weather man wasn't so lucky. >> a right, then a left. >> and speaking of bill karins, he's back for another look at the weather. would you be up for something like that? >> passing out? >> no, the plane stunts. >> i chickened out. i had a chance to with the blue angels. >> what's the latest on the weather? >> this weekend's forecast, the problems are mostly this morning in the midwest. wisconsin, minnesota and through the ohio valley, a lot of freezing rain out there and a little bit will be heading into virginia and north carolina. as we go throughout the day saturday, heavy rain develops through the southeast
this weekend is the 26th festival -- take a trip to mother russia without leaving the area. enjoy tasty russia food and muddic and vodka it will be a lot of fun and that is the weekly buzz for more information about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an >> commissioner hyde. >> here. >> commissioner perez? >> here. >> commissioner joseph. >> we have a quorum and >> and president newlin called to let us know that he would be absent. >> item number one is public comment. this is the time that the public can address us under the jurisdiction on items that are not on the agenda. is there a public comment? >> commissioners, mark, randy. i want to point out and remind everybody that on march, fourth, that the awards of san francisco, the nighttime entertainment awards will be held at the castro theater and the reason that i think that this is important, that if you start rewarding people for doing a good job with creative nighttime entertainment, i think that it is going to make the industry better and i hope that everybody goes. the tickets are fairly inexpensive an
. that will involve russia, and nothing will be solved in syria without the assistance in russia. meeting with mr. lavarov will be important as well. then he has to understand that the entire region, qatar and others, they had real security interests involved as far as iran is concerned, and they have security issues that we need to help fulfill. the release of assistance to the u.a. saudi arabia. these are issues affecting syria. they're also affecting iran and israel, and are finally, of course, we have to watch what's taking place in eswript. we don't see democracy unfolding in the way it should, and jobs aren't created, and then the people who have been on the streets are going to be revolting again. here highly educated and unemployed. that's not -- >> not at all. briefly, just p a few seconds we have left. the whole cyber war. the seeber attacks. i know you know china very well. how tough should the president be? is it time to start really putting this front and center? >> we have to put it front and center. not just with china where, with russia wra. this notion that somehow china will be
. but you have russia circling guam with missiles, nuclear missiles. you've got the chinese hacking our computers. and we've got a news media, we have benghazi, we don't have questions about why security was denied. why we didn't help them that night. why they lied afterwards and the news media, all they seemed to care about is a picture of obama playing golf with tiger woods. now, what's wrong with that picture? >> well. >> how does democracy work if the media won't do its job? >> you know, democracy is going to work because between fox news and conservative talk radio and all the different e-mail accounts and facebook we'll keep talking and the news media will keep shrinking in importance. i thought it was hysterical in the weekend somebody wrote a long column about the fact that they had discovered that the obama team manipulates the news media. i don't know if you read this column. >> sean: i know what you're talking about. >> it was hysterical. >> sean: it is. >> and these guys, it all started when they didn't get to meet tiger woods. >> sean: i know, it's our priorities right ther
. those talks would likely be brokered by the u.s., and also by russia. >> pelley: emphasis on "possible talks." clarissa, thank you very much. clarissa has another story for us tonight about some of the people who are suffering the most. a few of the many rebel groups are connected to islamic radicals, and christians who have lived in syria for more than 2,000 years are now fleeing right next door. >> reporter: this convent in the mountains of lebanon is a refuge for syrian christians who have been forced from their home and their country. there have been christians in syria as long as there have been christians. now, they are caught up in a civil war, increasingly dominated by islamic militants. "we came to lebanon because there is no more living in syria," aphram said. "it's dead there." he made the dangerous journey out of syria with his wife and three children two months ago. already, churches have been burned, homes destroyed, and christians kidnapped. who are you most afraid of? "we are afraid of both sides the armed militias and the government," he told us. "one side is shelling
atletico de madrid de la liga europea al caer en el global ante el "rubin kazan" de russia ===wipe=== ---el pastor del rebaÑo sagrado,, benjamin galindo,, declaro que lo mejor esta por venir para el guadalajara... confirmo que el equipo tiene la capacidad de para conseguir los resultados y puntos necesarios para calificar a la liguilla... tambien dijo que luisito perez deberia estar listo para regresar a la cancha dentro de unos 10 dias y que esto les dara la movilidad en el medio campo,,, algo que necesita el guadalajara para poder terminar con la sequia de goles por la cual atravieza el equipo... ===wipe=== wipe fs --y este partido usted lo puede sintonizar en la pantalla de telemundo 48... en vivo desde el estadio omnilife... las chivas rayadas del guadalajara reciben a los panzas verdes del leon... futbol telemundo,,, en vivo a las 3 de la tarde ===wipe=== wipe vo ---en una nota,, oscura del deporte... en bolivia mientras se jugaba el partido entre el corinthians y san jose un joven boliviano de 14 aÑos de edad desafortunadamente perdio la vida,, victima de un explosivo pirotecnico...
. no bodies or confirmation of a gun fight in the wake of a clash between grudge gangs. up next to russia we are getting a draw dropping new look at a meteor that crashed there. this is dashcam video as the meteor is speeding toward earth. there's a fireball as it gets closer and closer. it is mostly from broken windows and damage to buildings. archeologists found at least 130 human sacrificed bones that are 1200 years old. they were found in a field of a farm. researchers say the find is historic. more skulls than ever found at famous sacrificial temples in mexico. >> it is 43 after the hour. a n a new report finds more than half of the property owners in michigan did not pay their taxes last year. they had the highest property taxes. many homes 10 times more than they are worth. a study found nearly 1 in 10 teachers did not have the proper credentials to be in the classroom. the problem was worse in under ter forming schools which is low income and latino. budget shortfalls mismanagement and lack of qualified candidates. th >> that extreme weather continue to go hit the midwest this mornin
. >> yes, it is. there's another one from afghanistan. there's one from russia with bullet holes in it. >> reporter: it looks like a museum. >> well, it is, or it likes like a garage school. >> reporter: if it's a museum, his students have been the curators for 27 years. >> i want you to look over these files. >> reporter: each semester this teacher at st. john's high school in indiana hands out names of troops in his state who died at war and assigns students to find their families. >> we're putting a story behind thee their names. they're no longer just names. they are people. they had lives, they went to school, they had friends, they have feelings. >> reporter: how many families have your students talked with? >> hundreds. >> reporter: did you ever care about history before this class? >> honestly no. i was just kind of one of the people that were like, it's just in the past. >> reporter: victoria moralez was one of clark's students last year. she was assigned to find the family of army specialist mathew franz. franz was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb in ir
and feeding it back to asia or russia or whoever's controlling. >> host: you point out the executive order signed by the president, one of the first pieces of business in the state of the union address. what did he put in place and how will that prevent this from happening in the future? >> guest: what the president is trying to share information between the government and intelligence agencies that can collect information and the seize malware coming in and they see hackers coming and. what companies they believe are targeted by them. >> hostthem. that's one piece. i want to establish a set that their voluntary standards, what practices to protect their information from backing. what they call basic hygiene which is change your password, things like that. update your software, just the basics host the how often do people getting into who think it's personal, open it up and then create problems? >> guest: that's one thing, how easy it is for chinese hackers to pretty basic simple trick to get somebody to install your malware on their computer. you say hey, joe, i know we were talking about
. >> the situation in russia has changed. first of all, a lot of people learned about this problem, this people earlier who did not attention to social problems, problems with the church withputin. they saw the court process, how he sat in the aquarium, so much injustice happen. now many are critical of putin the state authorities because they see all this injustice. >> a judge presiding over the case of accused hacker jeremy hammond has opted not to recuse herself from his case despite claims she is a conflict of interest. jeremy hammond's attorneys had filed a motion for judge loretta preska to step down, saying her husband was a kind of stratfor, the private intelligence firm hammond is accused of targeting. hammond could face a life term for lead to turning over millions of stratfor emails to wikileaks. in a statement from solitary confinement this week, have responded to the suicide last month of fellow internet freedom activist aaron swartz, who was weeks before a trial date for downloading a trove of articles from the nonprofit jstor. jeremy hammond wrote -- newly obtained documents mean
means, we have to understand that for china, russia, other countries, this is a form of warfare. i'm not suggesting that the government takeover information security, but i think there are areas where government private-sector cooperation here is important. how to create defenses and for the government, what kind of offense cyber capability we need to deter the chinese and others from doing this. gerri: there are all kinds of different levels. there is out endowed intellectual property theft. there is, you know, goofing off. kids here in the u.s. to do this kind of thing. then there is -- what is out and no warfare in your mind? >> we need conceptually a ladder of escalation like we have had for many years in the nuclear area. what has been us fits in there, and we need to know what are proper response. right now we are just wondering. we are taking steps. i think we can catch up. recently had the capability. we have not focused on this. gerri: al leader. huckabee possibly be behind? >> because we have not seen the vulnerability that the chinese have seen. that is why i welcome thi
is that it is incurring in certain countries. we were in russia three years ago. i said there was so much fraud going on. there was not enough cooperation going on between the russian authorities and those of us in the industry trying to fight fraud. since then, they are participating. governments understand there are certain hotspo for most internet fraud. the government are now . we put over 60 people in jail in romania who were internet fraudsters. alternately, i think that process will continue. -- ultimately, i think that process wi continue. >> there are many competitors abroad. how much of your focus is moving overseas? >> ebay is global. 60% of the revenue is outside the u.s. paypal is 50% outside of the u.s. 25% is cross-border. they're both very global entities. we are continuing to expand globally. there are 2 billion internet users. that'll be 4 billion in the next few years. look at where th growth will be. 80% will be in emerging markets. people accessing the w for the first time in their lives. it can be done through a phone or a laptop. we see enormous growth opportunity. we are growing
. we are out of time. but i wanted to mention there are a large number of people in india, in russia, in other parts of the developing world that have a totally resistant strain of tb. how worried are you for americans that that even exists in the world? >> well, we are always concerned about importations. fortunately, this strain is very, very susceptible but public health is on the alert for imported tb for sure. >> i feel at ease, sir. thank you for your time. have a good weekend. >> fascinating stuff. a major battle, by the way, between two casino giant has come to an end. or has it? jane wells is in los angeles. >> tyler, one proxy fight down. one to go. we will talk about wynn after the break. >> in more movie madness, which movie that didn't win best picture should have won best picture? and here you can vote on!.com. and where did this quote come from? fat, drunk and stoop sid no way to go through life, son. which movie? who said it to whom? we're back in two. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you nee
made by russia to impose a ban of october mean, that is not scientific, ended his contract to -- contradictory to the law. it is stated very clearly that our expectation that russia will reverse that decision. fortunately we got some good news yesterday, and the scientific commission has now indicated that the u.s. cannot be considered a risk nations for bse, hopefully that will be confirmed this summer. with additional opening of markets. particularly, for our crops. last month, we talked about the opportunity that japan is a 40 for a wider market, which is good news. we have the free trade agreement and the opportunity that that presents. we have also seen mexico relaxed some of its restrictions on beef purchases, and today, hong kong was joining that list by indicating the willingness to take all of its own beef products of any age, less than 30 months. an expanded opportunity we're where the trade barriers are coming down. the beef barriers exist. it is important to have the resource and personnel to advocate for american farmers and ranchers all over the world, which i
drawing some lines if we have any hope of dealing with countries like russia and china on this subject. that discussion has not really started. >> thank you. i want to raise another topic. half of my time is spent in academia and one of the favorites things for the provost and others to talk about is interdisciplinary research. everyone loves it and supports it. in practice, no one really wants to do it. i wonder if there's an analogy for joint operations of the military? i think they are viewed as a wave of the future and many successful operations of joint collaboration across services. the question i have as a total outsider is, is there a way for joint operations or joint planning to participate in the drawdown, for the budget? >> sure. i think one of the things that has happened, particularly as you talk about jointness is the creation of large and joint headquarters. if you look at the service personnel allocations, they are sized for the services. they're not sized for the growth and the number of joint headquarters that are taking place. so the services are providing people to
sales were up nearly 5% boosted by russia, latin america and dan da. heinz shares falling on the back of that news, down about 0.3%. >>> citigroup bowing to shareholder press your. the news comes as the company has disclosed new ceo michael corbatt was paid $11.5 million for his work last year. he was named ceo in october. shares just barely higher in germany this morning. >>> david einhorn is taking his appeal to shareholders. the green light capital founder pushed them to get his plan to share more of the wealth. his plan could boost the stock by $150. he wants apple to issue perpetual preferred shares when he calls ipref. you have to love it. pretty genius marketing strategy. apple shares responding positively, up 0.75% in frankfurt trade, roughly in line with the market this morning. >>> and nielsen is changing the way it tracks how you watch tv. the ratings company will start measuring shows downloaded and watched via broadband such as itunes or hulu. currently the tv shows aren't count counted. video from demand on cable and satellite providers won't be included. but nielsen say
. the cyber threat that we have been talking about drought the week from china. also from russia, the rules that they live by and how those rules do not apply to terrorist organizations. dagen: former senator scott brown says harry reid will not budge until he can take more from the rich. connell: boeing ceo and the need to get that dreamliner airborne again. dagen: with the academy award coming up, we have combined our love of the movies with business. we are asking some ceos which movies inspired them. trading places, casino, it's a wonderful life -- we will give you the answer after the break. ♪ is the best. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. i have exactly the amount of postage i need, the instant i need it. can you print only stamps? no... first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mail manicks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a
the hackers from eastern europe and russia are more interested into hacking into bank accounts and using that for, you know, cyber crime and more of a, you know, stealing money from credit cards and such. the chinese almost say they are more interested in taking documents. withe about -- everything is so technology depend ant these days. air traffic controller system. you think about our transportation systems, the electric grid. you can go on and on. a hacker -- could a hacker get into those systems and shut them down? >> that's absolutely what the obama administration is continuing to warn about. during the state of the union address last week, the president mentioned that. again, the possibility that a hacker with the click of a mouse could should down part of the power grid and turn off the lights. >> how do we fight against this? last year, attempted to stop this or at least patch up some of the flaws and security flaws. xwhapd actually is it became a very con tentious issue where republicans were siding with the chamber of commerce and business lobbyists
done that in the past are germany under adolf hitler, russia under joseph stalin and china which led to some of the biggest amounts of mass murder in the entire 20th century so we should keep in mind the other stuff during the debate that the initial reason we had the right to bear arms was to prevent tyranny and government just to make sure that isn't lost among the emotional issue. >> host: thanks for the call. >> guest: i think she certainly the shooting wasn't a gun-free zone and in las vegas yesterday it wasn't. it doesn't only happen in gun-free zones, it happens frankly everywhere. unfortunately, the conversation that we are talking about, background checks for example, making sure those are done on everybody is extrapolated to this degree that ultimately this will somehow result in people getting their door open and having someone take their guns which is in the conversation at all it's not what any of these bills or this legislation would do. it's frankly unconstitutional to do that. we have the decision that you cannot ban guns and i think that is a great decision for us be
korea. russia and china today -- they say they oppose any military intervention in north korea. what's the position of the white house? >> again, i would urge you to hear what the president has to say today. i think we got to go, because -- >> can i do just one quickly? >> yes, one more, kristen. >> can you comment on or confirm the reports that the united states is preparing to establish a drone base in northwest africa? >> i think those reports are fairly old, but i have no comment on that. thanks. >> week ahead, sir? >> i do have a week ahead. >> old but no comment? >> well, i remember -- i don't know, is this a new report? there was a report that i -- >> well, in light of -- >> -- didn't comment on the other day or i had a comment on. i'm not sure this is a new report. >> do you have a timeframe on it? >> i'll have to get back to you, kristen. i'm not sure what our -- >> -- that you're aware of. >> sure. on sunday, the president and first lady will welcome the national governors association to the white house for the 2013 governors dinner. the vice president and dr. biden will al
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